Remote Email Access

The advancement of wireless technology has brought the world together, with easy and convenient access to information, whenever we need and wherever we are. Remote Email Access is one example of the flexibility provided by the remote access technology. Remote Email Access gives the user the ability to access, receive and send emails wherever he or she is located.

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There are two approaches to Remote Email Access, depending on how conveniently and frequently you can access the computer. In case you have a computer at your disposal than the POP approach best works, but if you are dependent on a cyber café, than you may prefer web access instead.

POP stands for post office protocol and is the way real email systems work. To access your mail using POP, you need to access a POP server that verifies your username and password before granting you access to your emails. Once the mail is downloaded on your system, it is deleted from the POP server. You can access these mails even when you are offline. To access your mails through POP, you would use email client software such as Eudora, Pegasus or Outlook, or the email component of a web browser suite such as Outlook Express or Netscape Messenger.

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An alternative way to access mails is to use a web browser such as MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or Opera to visit a web site, than you need to sign in with a user id and password, and then read your mail online. The biggest advantage of web access is that you can check your mails through any computer that has a web browser installed. The only disadvantage is that you have to be online all the time while checking, receiving or sending mails.

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Thus, you can use either of the two options according to your convenience and access and exchange your mails with your boss, friends or relatives, wherever you are.

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